Donate to the Institute for Oral Health Foundation

In collaboration with the American Dental Hygienists’ Association and through the generous support of our donors, the ADHA Institute for Oral Health provides thousands of dollars each year to advance the profession of dental hygiene through scholarship, research and service!

The Institute for Oral Health Foundation goals are:

  • Empowering dental hygienists to improve the public’s health through community service grants
  • Supporting advancements in the dental hygiene profession through research grants
  • Developing dental hygienists’ access to educational programs through scholarships

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Find out more about one of the funds your gift can be directed to support IOH Foundation programs.


Make a Pledge!


Show your support of The ADHA Institute for Oral Health, the only national foundation for the important work of dental hygienists, by making a monthly pledge!

Electing to donate via our monthly giving program is a popular way to split up a significant yearly gift into more manageable monthly donations.

What is a monthly donation? A monthly gift is a donation that is made automatically each month from a debit/credit card.

Making your annual donation easier to plan for.

Each year, more of our donors elect to make their annual gifts via monthly giving. This program allows you to select your planned annual contribution, and have it automatically broken into 12 monthly donations. Each month, on a date of your choice, your credit/debit card will be debited. Note, you can change, or cancel, your pledge at any time! You will always receive an e-mailed receipt of your donation. Additionally, you will receive a tax acknowledgment when making the pledge with your contribution amount.

Why I Donate

“I donate to the Institute for Oral Health Foundation as it IS the ONLY NATIONAL Foundation serving the Dental Hygiene Profession. I am confident that my donations supporting research projects enable ADHA to continue to build Dental Hygiene’s body of knowledge which is essential for us to be recognized as a profession.

The flexibility to donate throughout the calendar year is accommodating, as well as the donor privilege to designate my gifts for supporting scholarships, community service grants, research, and/or the greatest need annually.- ADHA Past President, Marge Green, RDH, MS, FADHA”


Donations of $50+ appear on the Donor Honor Roll at the ADHA Annual Conference and the Institute for Oral Health Foundation Newsletter

Partner  $1,000 – $2,500

Premier Plus  $750 – $999

Premier  $500 – $749

Sustainer  $300 – $499

Benefactor  $150 – $299

Supporter  $75 – $149

Contributor $50 – $74