As a licensed dental hygienist, you know what it took to achieve your credentials. You made it through your accredited dental hygiene program, passed written and clinical boards and satisfied additional requirements of your state.

Keeping your license current is critically important and requires diligence. Because continuing education and license renewal requirements vary by state, your most important resource is your State Dental Board. These requirements can change, so it’s also a good idea to stay connected with your ADHA constituent colleagues and revisit these parameters annually so there are no surprises when it’s time for you to renew.

Moving To A New State

Maintaining a current dental hygiene license allows you to practice anywhere in your respective state. If you plan on moving out of state, you’ll need to have a current license to apply for a license in that area. Advocating for changes in dental hygiene license portability regulations is a key issue for ADHA. Learn more about ADHA’s work with the Council on State Governments on license portability for dental hygienists here.