ADHA Industry Relations Council (IRC) is an exclusive corporate membership for key industry partners that support ADHA in a very strategic and visible way. This mutually beneficial partnership supports the organizational vision, goals and missions of both ADHA and its industry partner.


The ADHA Industry Relations Council has several goals. It is intended to:

  • Create dialogue between ADHA leadership, industry partners, and the dental hygienist community.
  • Increase visibility of IRC members with ADHA membership.
  • Provide IRC members with an understanding of critical trends, market intelligence and important issues facing dental hygienists, their patients, and underserved populations.

Each year, ADHA will recognize corporate partners that have championed the pillars of the ADHA strategic plan. Through abundant financial support, each company has empowered and elevated ADHA members by helping to fund relevant education, practice resources and tools, and opportunities for collaboration and thought leadership. Through their contributions, these companies have paved the way for dental hygienists to practice at the top of their scope. We proudly recognize the organizations for generously supporting ADHA initiatives that:

  • Implement the vision for the profession
  • Advance the identity of the dental hygienist
  • Exemplify organizational excellence

Membership in the IRC is for 1 calendar year. It is a nonvoting partner membership with benefits extended to a single corporate-designated representative. The IRC program features two participation levels to allow companies of all sizes to enhance their engagement with the ADHA membership. Partnership is available at a Premier ($15,000) or an Associate ($5,000) level.

Benefits of the IRC Premier level include:

  •  One (1) full day (Fall) and one half-day (Summer) meeting & reception between company representatives and a select group of ADHA Board of Directors and staff to discuss topics of mutual interest
  • A chance to conduct a market survey of the ADHA Membership
  • An opportunity to send an e-blast to ADHA members (sent by ADHA on your behalf)
  • Complimentary registration for IRC representatives at the ADHA Annual Conference
  • Invitation to the ADHA’s Annual Conference President’s Dinner
  • Recognition throughout the year via logo and acknowledgment placement on the ADHA website, on signage at the Annual Conference, and in conference materials.

For information on joining the Industry Relations Council, please contact us: [email protected]


Industry Relations Council Benefits Premier Associate
  $15,000 $5,000
Invitations to the Industry Relations Council Meeting – The IRC will feature presentations and discussions of topics relevant to the dental hygiene community. (2) reps (1) rep
Registration for IRC representatives at Annual Conference (2) reps (1) rep
Complimentary access to the online Journal of Dental Hygiene (JDH) X X
Invitation to the ADHA Annual Conference President’s Dinner (2) reps
Opportunity to send Eblast to ADHA membership through ADHA (content to be approved and scheduled by ADHA) 1 per year 1 at 50% discount
Opportunity to survey ADHA membership – Provide a link to your survey. Up to 10 survey questions delivered through the ADHA social media outlets 1 per year
Recognition of corporate support on the ADHA website with a corporate logo and link to your website X X
Recognition of corporate support at the ADHA Annual Conference with signage and general session walk-in slides X X
Recognition of corporate support in the Annual Conference Preliminary Guide X X
Opportunity to provide a short company description on ADHA website with a link X
Commercial support discount at the Annual Conference (advertising opportunities such as program book ads and bag inserts are not included) 5%