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Please note, that some opportunities require ADHA membership.


ADHA Elected Leadership & Appointed Committees

ADHA is fortunate to have had many strong leaders and volunteers who have brought commitment and determination to their roles to create and guide meaningful, positive and powerful collective action and transformation. If you are an ADHA Member interested in running for elected office, district director or serve on a committee, visit ADHA Leadership Opportunities for more details!

Open Volunteer Positions: Dental Hygiene Liaisons

The Dental Hygiene Liaison (DHL) Project through the National Center on Health, Behavioral Health, and Safety (NCHBHS) is seeking volunteers to fill open positions in Maine and Wyoming.

Under the DHL project, one dental hygienist from each state volunteers to help promote oral health for pregnant women and children enrolled in Head Start. This program has been in operation for over 10 years and the state DHLs have been successful in helping Head Start programs connect kids to care, share quality oral health educational resources, provide technical assistance, and give presentations to staff, parents, and kids. A $590 annual stipend is available to help cover any costs associated with support, including membership dues for ADHA and/or ASTDD.
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Interested individuals should reach out to Kathy Hunt, RDH ECPII ([email protected]) or Gina Sharps, RDH ([email protected]).

Remote Area Medical (RAM) Volunteer Corps

Dental Hygienist Volunteers Needed! RAM provides free medical, dental and vision services on a first-come, first-served basis over two days to the uninsured and underinsured populations at various locations throughout the year. The pop-up clinics are located in a rural and critically medically underserved areas with limited access services. As a result, there are very few local providers available to volunteer their time. Volunteers can sign up for as little as one-half day or the entire weekend. Any time commitment is welcome to support these efforts. Learn more about the program at RAMUSA.org.

ADHA Mentor Match Program

Ready to inspire and be inspired? Whether you are a new graduate or shifting your focus mid-career, the right mentor or mentors can help you thrive. Becoming a mentor is the ideal way to pass on academic values, practical advice and networking skills and build confidence and potential in your mentee. Support in the form of paying it forward promotes positivity and mutual respect in the dental hygiene community. Many mentors find having a mentee to be a rewarding experience that reminds them why they chose dental hygiene in the first place and often the relationships evolve into friendships based on mutual respect, appreciation and recognition. So get out there and find your Mentor Match!
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