ADHA’s mission is to unite and empower dental hygienists. ADHA’s vision is healthy people through the power of dental hygienists.


group of people

What are our core values?


Treat each other with courtesy and respect, encouraging constructive dialogue, assuming good intent in all interactions.

Trust & Integrity

Create an environment that advances curious, courageous, innovative and accountable decision-making.

Diversity & Inclusion

Support and cultivate an environment of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access.


Seek robust input to inform wise decisions. Broadly and frequently communicate ADHA strategies, direction and values.

The Domain:


Provide an engaging, inviting, and supportive space for dental hygienists where our differences are celebrated

Community Objectives 

  • Identify gaps and investigate emerging leadership models to increase engagement at the state, regional, House of Delegates, and trustee levels
  • Develop resources empowering dental hygienists to improve their workplace environment and professional satisfaction.

The Domain:

Continuing Education

Be the leader in developing and delivering dynamic, high quality learning opportunities.

Continuing Education Objectives

  • Research emerging issues in the profession.
  • Offer resources in multiple delivery systems.
  • Develop tools and practical resources for each targeted audience.
  • Develop a dynamic engagement model that appeals to everyone.

The Domain:

Governance & Infrastructure

Advance structures that enable strategy development and execution in an inclusive, decisive and competent manner

Governance & Infrastructure Objectives

  • Advance towards a competency-based and balanced leadership team.
  • Reduce barriers for quality leaders to participate in leadership.
  • Refine and communicate expectations of Board members.
  • Create and share a communication plan that reflects a transparent operating environment.

The Domain:


To support dental hygienists in a variety of roles and pursue opportunities to advance the profession and promote the recognition, awareness and importance of dental hygienists.

Advocacy Objectives

  • Advance the utilization of dental hygiene professionals.
  • Advance the scope of practice for dental hygiene professionals.
  • Advance the credibility of the profession.
  • Advocate for workplace improvements for dental hygiene professional