As an ADHA professional member, you enjoy support, money-saving discounts, educational programs, incredible networking and leadership connections.

Professional Membership

If you’re currently licensed to practice, you can become a professional member of ADHA and discover what it means to be part of a shared community of your peers nationwide. Stand alongside other champions of oral health to promote the highest standards of education and practice.

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Alternative Member Types

Based on application and proof of eligibility, additional types of membership are available by application for:

  • Retired membership: For those age 62 and older who are fully retired from the profession or working less than 10 hours a week in dental hygiene
  • Professional with disabilities membership: For those who are unable to work due to a verified disability
  • Supporting membership: For those who hold a current license but are unemployed or are not employed in a dental hygiene related career
  • International membership: For individuals who reside outside of the United States and hold a valid license to practice dental hygiene
  • Allied membership: Designed for individuals who are not currently licensed to practice dental hygiene, but who support the purposes and mission of ADHA

Criteria and applications for the above specialty types of membership are available by request here.

ADHA Membership = A Place Where you Belong

When you join ADHA, you are surrounded by professional expertise and support from the national level all the way to your local community. There are 12 Districts that are made up of State Constituents that in turn are home to 200+ Local Components.

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