The directors, president, president-elect, vice-president, treasurer and immediate past president make up the board of directors – the administrative body charged with conducting all national association business. If you have questions, comments or compliments to share with the ADHA’s senior leaders, please send your thoughts to [email protected].

District I Director

E. Jane Crocker, RDH

[email protected]

Maine DHA
Massachusetts DHA
New Hampshire DHA
Rhode Island DHA
Vermont DHA


District II Director

Carolynn Wahl, BSDH, RDH, PHDHP

[email protected]

Connecticut DHA
New Jersey DHA
New York DHA
Pennsylvania DHA


District III Director

Sheri Moore, RDH, BSHS

[email protected]

Delaware DHA
Maryland DHA
Virginia DHA
West Virginia DHA


District IV Director

Renee Spencer, RDH

[email protected]

Florida DHA
Georgia DHA
North Carolina DHA
South Carolina DHA


District V Director

Beth Tronolone, RDH, BS, MOL

[email protected]

Indiana DHA
Kentucky DHA
Michigan DHA
Ohio DHA


District VI Director

Claire Vann, RDH, BSDH, MS

[email protected]

Arkansas DHA
Louisiana DHA
Mississippi DHA
Tennessee DHA

District VII Director

Carissa Renae Regnerus, RDH, MA

[email protected]

Minnesota DHA
South Dakota DHA
Wisconsin DHA


District VIII Director

Christina Emmert, RDH, PRP

[email protected]

Illinois DHA
Iowa DHA
Kansas DHA
Missouri DHA
Nebraska DHA


District IX Director

LeeAnn Winkler, RDH, BSDH

[email protected]

Oklahoma DHA
New Mexico DHA
Texas DHA


District X Director

Cara Reck, BS, RDH, LAP

[email protected]

Colorado DHA
Montana DHA
Utah DHA
Wyoming DHA


District XI Director

Pamela Larrabee, RDH, BAS, MA

[email protected]

Arizona DHA


District XII Director

Jennifer Frame, RDH, MS

[email protected]

Alaska DHA
Hawaii DHA
Idaho DHA
Nevada DHA
Oregon DHA
Washington State DHA


Speaker of the House

Valoree Althoff, MHA, BSDH, CPP-T PRP

[email protected]



Ann Battrell, MSDH

[email protected]