2023–2024 IOH Chair

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It is my honor to serve as the 2023-2024 IOH Foundation Board of Directors Chair to proudly advance the profession of dental hygiene through scholarship, research and community service grants. These vital programs would not exist without the annual support of people like you who know the true value of lifelong giving. The IOH is committed to supporting students and dental hygienists throughout their career to improve the public’s oral and overall health by increasing awareness and equitable access to quality oral healthcare. Your generous donations, large and small, help the IOH make that difference in the lives of students, members and communities. Serving as your Chair, I am committed to helping you, our professional community and those we serve to rise through charitable giving to create a better world through scholarship, research and service. Let’s all be the reason someone smiles today. We are—Stronger Together!

The role of the IOH Chair is to advance the profession of Dental Hygiene through scholarship, research, and service. In alignment with ADHA, the Institute supports oral healthcare professionals throughout their career.

These vital programs would not exist without the generous support of individuals like you, who care about oral health. Your donation makes this work possible. Every donation makes a difference to improve public health by increasing awareness of and access to quality oral healthcare.


2023-2024 IOH Committees

Community Service Grant Review Committee
The Community Service Grant Review Committee includes four reviewers that possess an understanding and expertise in community service programming and performance measures. This Committee reviews all complete Community Service Grant proposals for the Wrigley Company Foundation Community Service Grant Program in the fall and reviews submitted proposals for the Healthy Start for Texas Teeth and Rosie Wall Community Spirit, Community Service Grant Programs in the spring. This Committee will meet twice per year (fall and spring) to make recommendations to the Board of Directors for Community Service Grant funding.

Research Grant Review Committee
The Research Grant Review Committee is composed of four reviewers that demonstrate prior knowledge and expertise in the field of oral healthcare and dental hygiene research. This Committee must review all complete Research Grant Proposals for the Institute for Oral Health Research Grant Program and the named Dimensions of Dental Hygiene Research Grant Program. This Committee meets in the spring to make recommendations to the Board of Directors for Research Grant funding.

Scholarship Review Committee
The Scholarship Review Committee consists of three reviewers that exhibit expertise in the field of dental hygiene higher education. This Committee must review all complete scholarship applications for each of the Institute for Oral Health Scholarships. This Committee meets in the spring to make recommendations to the Board of Directors for Scholarship funding.

IOH Foundation Liaison Committee

The IOH Foundation Liaison Committee consists of four volunteer leaders, representatives of the four ADHA Constituent Regions who are appointed by the Chair of IOH for a period of two years. This committee is vital to the growth and progress of our profession, and it is important that they function on a year-round basis. The primary focus of the is committee is supporting the liaisons through training and mentorship while assisting with national fundraising activities. These groups play an integral role in the pursuit of our mission and goals.

IOH Liaisons

Liaisons are volunteers, grassroots fundraisers, ADHA leaders, and change-makers. The fundraising they do on behalf of the Institute for Oral Health directly contributes to scholarships, community service grants and research grants to dental hygienists throughout the United States. Liaisons also serve as chief communicators for Institute for Oral Health opportunities such as open scholarships and grants. They are also advocates for their communities, working closely within the state and local chapters to communicate the needs of those communities to the National ADHA Institute for Oral Health offices to better serve the dental hygiene community.

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IOH Liaison Appreciation Awards

The Institute for Oral Health (IOH) is proud to introduce the IOH Liaisons’ Appreciation Awards, a program designed to recognize and celebrate the dedication, passion, and hard work of our esteemed liaisons who tirelessly fundraise on behalf of the foundation. These individuals are the backbone of our organization, driving crucial support for our mission to promote oral health and advance access to dental care for all.

The IOH Liaisons’ Appreciation Awards are a testament to the invaluable contributions of these exceptional individuals who go above and beyond in their efforts to mobilize resources, engage communities, and champion the cause of oral health advocacy. From organizing fundraising events to cultivating donor relationships, from raising awareness to galvanizing support, our liaisons play a pivotal role in advancing our mission and making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.

This awards program serves as a platform to honor the outstanding achievements, innovative initiatives, and transformative impact of our liaisons across the nation. From Innovation to the Rising Stars in Philanthropy Award, each accolade recognizes excellence in fundraising, leadership, and dedication to advancing oral health initiatives.

Q1 – Q2 (July-December)

Most Funds Raised Awards:

The totals for the Autumn Giving Campaign award winners (ADHA Constituent that Raised the Most Funds in the Autumn Giving Campaign, Categories 1, 2 and 3).

Q3-Q4 (January-June)

Innovation Award:

We understand the difficulties of crafting compelling and effective fundraising campaigns. This award celebrates the exceptional creativity and ingenuity demonstrated by IOH liaisons in devising innovative fundraising outreach initiatives.

The Innovation Award honors the IOH liaison who has demonstrated unparalleled creativity, strategic thinking, and resourcefulness in designing and implementing a fundraising campaign that captivates audiences and drives impactful results.

The recipient of the Innovation Award is selected by the ADHA IOH Liaison Committee.

Rising Star Award:

Introducing the Rising Star Award that recognizes outstanding achievement in fundraising improvement among IOH liaisons. This award celebrates the remarkable progress made by liaisons in elevating donation levels from one year to the next.

The Rising Star Award honors the IOH liaison who has demonstrated the most significant advancement in fundraising efforts, displaying a commendable dedication to enhancing financial support for oral health initiatives.

Ex. Louisiana increased their donations by 1441% from 2023 to 2024. Minnesota increased their donations by 784%. The winner is Louisiana.

Fundraiser Achievement Award:

This award celebrates the exceptional efforts of IOH liaisons who have demonstrated outstanding success in surpassing their annual fundraising goals by the highest percentage.

The Fundraising Achievement Award is given to the IOH liaison who has achieved the highest percentage of their yearly fundraising target. From meticulously planning campaigns to engaging donors and rallying support, recipients of this award illustrate the pinnacle of fundraising excellence within the IOH community.

Ex: Florida goal is $400, raised $359= 89% of goal. Indiana’s goal is $250, raised $189= 75% of goal. Winner is Florida

Liz Chaney Liaison of the Year Award


  • Increasing the number of donors within their Constituent from the past three years;
  • Increasing the average donation size from the past three years;
  • Increasing total donations by at least 10% from the past three years;
  • Increasing donations for the Autumn Giving Campaign from the past three years;
  • Demonstrated commitment to IOH beyond a three-year appointment;
  • Implementing innovative fundraising methods and/or mentoring others in fundraising for the ADHA Institute

Recipient Prize(s):

Winners of the Q3-Q4 Challenge will be announced and recognized during the ADHA Annual Conference IOH Foundation Liaison Luncheon. An award will be presented to all winners.

District Liaison List

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