Your dedication to the dental hygiene profession is beyond amazing! Put yourself forward and be recognized! The ADHA 2023 Awards Program is our way to honor and recognize ADHA members and contributors to the profession for their accomplishments in clinical, education, public health, research, and more.

ADHA 100% Faculty Recognition Award- Applications Due April 1, 2023

Dental hygiene faculty members are instructors, advisors, mentors and role models for the future dental hygiene. Educators’ dedication to their professional association is one of the many ways students discover professionalism. ADHA recognizes and commends faculty members’ commitment to our future in dental hygiene programs with 100% ADHA membership for full-time and part-time dental hygienist faculty. To apply please submit a list of all full and part time faculty members and their ADHA ID numbers to [email protected] by April 1, 2023.



Submissions for the ADHA 2023 Awards below are now closed. Look for exciting announcements coming soon on this year’s winners and stay tuned for next year’s competition!

Award for Excellence in Dental Hygiene

Are you (or someone you know) actively involved in ADHA and its constituents, leading the way for the advancement of dental hygiene? If so, your/their accomplishments and meaningful impact on the practice and future of the dental hygiene profession sound pretty excellent. Tell us more about it!

Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson

Irene Newman Outstanding Clinician Award

Have you gone above and beyond in clinical practice and patient education to improve patient compliance, while making a difference in the lives of patients or clients? If so, that’s outstanding! And we want to know!

Sponsored by HuFriedy Group

Hygienist Proud – Student Award

Seeking student standouts who are committed to ADHA, actively involved in their dental hygiene program and already showing amazing leadership skills. If this sounds like you, step forward and apply now.

Sponsored by Crest + Oral-B

ADHA Standout Seven Award

The ADHA Standout Seven Award is the perfect opportunity to shine a light on individuals who show exemplary dedication and innovation within their specific dental hygiene role. Toot your own horn and nominate yourself or any of the amazing RDHs you know! This award is open to ALL dental hygienists who stand out—ADHA members and non-members—to be honored and celebrated.

Sponsored by Henry Schein

Each year the selection of awards offered is evaluated based on a variety of qualifying factors. Awards that have been offered in the past may or may not be offered in the future. New awards may be introduced. The number and type of awards offered is determined by the availability of sponsorship as well as the quantity and eligibility of applications received. If you have questions about specific awards, please email [email protected]