ADHA Policy on Requests for Awarding Continuing Education Credit for External Educational Courses

Members and nonmembers may request support from ADHA asking the association to award continuing education (CE) for their upcoming educational program. These inquiries/request will be granted based on the following criteria:

  1. Must email [email protected] the completed External CE Request Form or include the following information within the email request:
    • Course title
    • Course description
    • Learning objectives (minimum of 3)
    • Date(s) of event
    • Speaker name(s) & qualifications
    • Number of CEs provided (should be 1 CE per hour of educational content)
    • Live or recorded content? (or indicate both)
    • Are all attendees ADHA members?
    • What is the registration fee? (Include ADHA member or nonmember pricing)
    • Is this program sponsored? If so, does the sponsor influence the content or the speaker?
  2. Requests must be submitted 4-6 weeks in advance of the course date.
  3. Processing fees are $35 for a one-time course presentation, $130 for two to four course presentations, and $250 for five or more course presentations per year from your approval date.
    • Payment is made through the appropriate CE Request Payment Portal by clicking the link below:
    • If you plan to present the same course in subsequent years, each year you must request a renewal and resubmit the appropriate fee for anticipated number of presentations. Example: Your approval date is August 1, 2024. If the course is offered once in August 2024, the cost is $35. If you plan to present it again three times in August 2025, you need to request renewal and submit payment for $130 before presenting the course that year.
  4. Upon payment, please email [email protected] with the date of transaction and related course title.
  5. After payment and materials have been received, ADHA will review and send notification of approval or decline via email within 2 weeks.

Parameters of ADHA assistance include:

  • Upon approval, ADHA will provide a letter of authorization with accreditation information. The sponsoring organization is responsible for providing their own CE certificate of attendance.
  • ADHA will not maintain records of attendance for the program. Post event, the sponsoring organization is responsible for maintaining their own records of attendance for auditing purposes.
  • Communications about the event will NOT be posted on the ADHA website or social media sites.
  • Requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis

Questions may be directed to ADHA Education & Research at [email protected].


Policy reviewed May 30, 2024.