Being an RDH student is awesome. It’s also a rigorous journey, and no one knows this better than your colleagues at ADHA. From the very start of your decision to pursue your passion for oral health, ADHA is with you every step of the way.

Thinking About an RDH Career?

Considering going to school to become a dental hygienist and want to learn more about what’s ahead? You’ve come to the right place! Get more details here.

Enrolled as an RDH Student?

Get a head start on your RDH career by becoming a student member and getting involved with ADHA. Students enrolled in an accredited dental hygiene program or pursuing a complementary bachelor’s or graduate degree can receive the benefits enjoyed by the pros, for a super affordable rate. You can:

  • Join for one year for $85
  • Get a two-year membership for just $150
  • Or, choose a two-year membership + NBR course bundle for $225!



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Students-Only Bonus

After graduating with a dental hygiene degree, ADHA offers student members a FREE TRIAL PROFESSIONAL membership! Keep the benefits rolling with no additional cost for networking and kicking off your career the right way.

AND! Students who are members when the graduate are eligible to receive a special graduation gift from ADHA and the HuFriedyGroup. 

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Is Your Program ADHA Student Chapter Perk Worthy?

Dental hygiene programs meeting certain criteria can qualify to enroll as a Student Chapter of ADHA. These officially recognized organizations are an important part of the organization and offer great learning and leadership opportunities for students.

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Find tips and tricks for building your professional practice, getting connected to a mentor, prepping for the National Board Exam and more.

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