Licensure by Credential: States may use the terms; “licensure by endorsement”, “licensure by creteria approval”, or “reciprocity” to mean provisions in the law that allow out of state licensees to be licensed without a clinical examination.

Years of Practice: Refers to active practice requirements in the year(s) immediately preceding licensure by credential application.

Special Requirements: Requirements that are in addition to graduation from an accredited dental hygiene program, passing the Joint Commission on National Boards Dental Hygiene Examination, and proof that the applicant has a license in good standing in another state. (Most sates will require licensure applicants to pass a Jurisprudence Exam on the laws governing the practice of dental hygiene in that state. Contact state licensing agency for application forms and fee information.)

Temporary, Teacher, Inactive or Retired License: Special licenses often have specific time-limits, restrictions, or additional requirements. Contact the state licensing agency for information.

# Certain examinations are only accepted within certaiin year periods. Candidates are encouraged to contact the State Board where they wish to seek licensure to confirm information.

Source: State Dental Boards: Statutes and rules, licensure requirements/applications.

Note: WREB and CDCA signed a memorandum of understanding on June 15, 2021 outlining their intent to merge and will begin to administer the ADEX exam at all locations for the class of 2023.