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National Board Review

Welcome to the ADHA National Board Review – the best professional board prep at the best price. Just $49 for ADHA members. Register today!

Why it pays to prep with ADHA:

  • On-demand course content delivers anytime, anywhere online access for safe, flexible studying
  • 10 mini-modules created by prominent dental hygiene faculty to cover biochemistry, oral pathology, periodontology, radiology, and more
  • Content includes video modules, handouts, post-tests to review material and additional resources from the faculty
  • 350+ page downloadable study guide for a comprehensive overview on topics from faculty content experts
  • Timed practice exams target areas needing improvement and showcase test-taking strategies
  • Enroll once and enjoy unlimited access! Course content is yours for the duration of your student membership
  • All for just $49!.
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Hey Faculty!

Did you know you can register your entire class for NBR in one step? It’s a great way to support their success.

Click here for group payment form.

*Note: All students must have an ADHA web profile with an ID number to complete this form. Please see the Group Payment tab below for instructions.

  • Group Payment

    • Student advisors can also submit a group payment for the students in their program. In order to do this, students must first create a web profile online by following these steps:

      1. Go to

      2. Click “Join Now” and then “Create an Account.”

      3. Complete this page with your contact information and create a username and password.

      4. Pick “Student Membership” on the next screen.

      5. Complete the following page which requests an alternate email address and educational information (required).

      6. To find your member ID number, click on the “Hi, ___” orange button at the top right-hand corner of the screen and your profile will be pulled up, which shows your member ID number.

      Once students have created an account online, they should provide their ADHA ID number to their student advisor. Student advisors then submit the National Board Review group payment form with the student names and ID numbers to ADHA along with the payment for all students.