By Ann Lynch, ADHA Staff
March 21, 2023

In fall 2021, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), in partnership with The Council of State Governments (CSG) selected ADHA & ADA to receive technical assistance with interstate licensure compact development. The U.S. Department of Defense in its commitment to military spouses and families has been unwavering in the need for licensure reform.  The model language is now available for state legislators to introduce.  Both ADHA, ADA, and Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) are supportive of this effort.  To date, Washington, Ohio, Tennessee, Iowa and Texas have introduced the compact legislation, with several other states expected to do so in the coming weeks.


The compact:

  • Facilitates multistate practice.
  • Enhances license portability when changing state of residence.
  • Expands employment opportunities into new markets.
  • Improves continuity of care when patients or providers relocate.
  • Expands consumer access to highly qualified practitioners.
  • Supports relocating military spouses.
  • Reduces burden of maintaining multiple licenses.

The model language and educational resources are available at  Questions may be directed to [email protected].