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We Cannot Be Divided, We Must Be United.

A message to our dental hygiene community

June 4, 2020

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. The list of Black lives unjustly taken goes on. We must say their names. We must know their stories. And we must acknowledge the tragic events that ended their lives and forever silenced their voices.

As our communities react to their senseless and brutal deaths, we mourn these losses with you. We are here to support the entire dental hygiene community and our staff as we process this pain together. Too many Black lives have been lost. Too many Black voices have been silenced. Too many marginalized communities have been carrying the burden of fighting for equity.

We must confront a reality we can no longer avoid: the lives of Black Americans and other people of color have been devalued through systemic and institutional racism for far too long.

ADHA’s core values and code of ethics include respect for all human beings and a commitment to justice and fairness.

This is an extremely difficult time. But this is not the time for silence. This is the time for deep reflection and thoughtful conversations. This is the time for action.

We must listen more deeply. We must seek ways to do and be better in service of a more inclusive and equitable oral health care system. We are committed to creating ways for our staff and the dental hygiene profession to engage in discussion, and to pursue action against racial injustice.

We are a community that will not tolerate acts of racism, discrimination or violence of any kind.

We will treat each other with courtesy and respect, encourage constructive dialogue, and assume good intent in all interactions.

We will strive for more equitable access to quality oral health care for all people, increasing awareness of the benefits of prevention, education, and research for the greater good.

We will nurture a diverse and inclusive environment that advances curiosity, courage, innovation and accountability.

We cannot be divided, we must be united.

Matt Crespin, MPH, RDH
ADHA President
Ann Battrell, MSDH
ADHA Chief Executive Officer