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ADHA is dedicated to the future of the dental hygiene profession and wants to support your efforts as a student advisor. Explore our Resource section or use the tools below to help establish, maintain and enhance your ADHA student chapter.

Establishing your student chapter.

Organizing an ADHA student chapter should be a cooperative effort involving dental hygiene students, program faculty, and members of the state ADHA constituent and the local ADHA component. Your first step is to determine your school’s program policy on student organizations. Some require that a group meet certain criteria before they can be organized; others require that every group be registered or chartered before they are officially recognized. ADHA requires that all ADHA student chapters must be established in conjunction with an accredited dental hygiene program, or an accreditation- eligible dental hygiene program. Proof of accreditation status must be submitted to ADHA in order to establish a student chapter.

Student Advisor Requirements

  • Current member of ADHA
  • Must be able to meet the school’s criteria pertaining to student organization advisors
  • Should have good rapport with students
  • Should be committed to fulfilling the chapter advisor duties effectively and consistently