Involvement Opportunities

Welcome to ADHA's Involvement Opportunities page where you can volunteer for projects that fit your interests, expertise and schedule.

The process is easy!

First, peruse the list of projects in the "Opportunities" list below. You can also use the search filters to find the ones that suits you. To find out more information about a specific project, click on the title of the project. When you are ready to volunteer, click on the specific project you are interested in and click the words "Sign Up". Simple as that.

Come back often to learn about new volunteer opportunities!

Opportunities will be posted throughout the year. Please note in order to sign up for a volunteer opportunity, you must be a current member of ADHA (unless otherwise noted).

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Opportunity Time Commitment Start Date Qualifications
Constituent Advisory Committee (CAC) Term Appointment March 2018 The CAC is a standing committee comprised of constituent leaders; one from each district for a total of 12 members. CAC members must serve or have served in a constituent leadership position. To start this committee, there will be 1 and 2 year terms, then all appointments will be two years. Members may serve for up to two consecutive terms (four years total).

  • * CAC members must serve or have served in a constituent leadership position.
  • * Solid working knowledge of the tri-partite and charter agreements.
  • * Excellent communication skills.
  • * Ability to think strategically on behalf of all constituents and in advancement of ADHA's strategic plan.
  • * Demonstrated ability coach and mentor.
  • * Ability to work within a virtual committee environment.
  • * Demonstrated team building skills.
  • * Strong technology skills (i.e. facilitating Zoom meetings, navigating ADHA members-only website, etc.)
  • * Past president or past constituent officers.
  • * Flexible schedule and commitment to attending meetings.
ADHA Squad Ongoing June 15, 2017 The ADHA Squad is our new ambassador program! The pilot was launched in May with UYP, New Professionals and leadership and opened to all members at Annual Conference. This special group of members helps make sure all dental hygienists know our story by sharing the latest ADHA news and information. After you join the ADHA Squad, we’ll email you 3-4 times per month with news to share with friends and followers across social media with just the click of a button.

By becoming a member of the ADHA Squad, you receive the latest news and updates on all things dental hygiene – resources, webinars, speakers, annual conference, continuing education and more! The best part is, the more you share and participate, the more points you earn increasing your chances to win cash, ADHA swag and other prizes! If you’re a State/Chapter Social Media Manager please contact and have your Squad points count towards earning a dinner night out with your leadership team and ADHA Communications Team at next year’s Annual Conference. Sound like the perfect fit for you?
Coding Ad Hoc Group Ongoing January 1, 2017 Dental hygienists with a broad range of experience and expertise, Continuing education speakers with expertise in dental coding, Practicing dental hygienists with a special interest in dental codes; Practice-Management dental hygienists, Dental hygiene clinician who is interested in coding