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Institute Liaison Resources

Liaisons serve a vital role in the ADHA Institute for Oral Health. Liaisons are advocates for dental hygiene and grassroots representatives for national ADHA Institute for Oral Health initiatives and programs, in addition to the complex role of fundraiser. Each of the sections below will provide resources and guidelines for successful fundraising, media communications, and community relations.

ADHA Institute for Oral Health Information

The ADHA Institute for Oral Health provides programming and funding opportunities throughout the year. The Institute is constantly seeking new opportunities to provide support and funding to dental hygienists and students of dental hygiene. Our website is the best way to keep informed about available funding opportunities for your community and features about ongoing programming.

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Whether you are a new or continuing Liaison, the ADHA Institute for Oral Health would like you to submit a Confirmation Form each year after Annual Session/CLL no later than August. The form is available here. Please fill it out and submit it via email to . Thank you!

Liaisons play many important roles for the ADHA Institute for Oral Health. A full listing of Liaison duties and responsibilities can be downloaded by clicking on the link above

Fundraising can be difficult with limited time and resources. To assist you in your efforts, the Institute has put together a Fundraising Guide to provide you with fundraising ideas, guidelines, and support. Please use these tools to help you and should you require additional support, please contact us at .

2013 marks the 100th Anniversary of the dental hygiene profession and the Institute for Oral Health is celebrating by asking our donors to contribute to the future of dental hygiene. The Institute for Oral Health is committed to pushing the profession to new achievements through research, community service and supporting dental hygiene professionals.

ADHA Institute is launching a campaign asking dental hygienists to share their stories and thoughts about dental hygiene’s proud past and our unlimited future with our “100 Reasons to Give” campaign.  Visit IOH on Facebook to share your Reason to Give and make a donation to dental hygiene’s unlimited future!

100 Reasons to Give FlyerShare our Fundraising Campaign with the Institute for Oral Health flyer!

100 Reasons to Give BuckslipMany of our members received a “100 Reasons to Give” insert with their renewal notice. You can print this one to remind them to participate online or with this form through the mail. We want to share the pride of the profession and share their responses in our publications! 

Another way Liaisons fundraise is through soliciting Auction items for the auction at Annual Session/CLL in June. For more information on what types of items the ADHA Institute looks for or for the procedure to follow when donating auction items please visit the Auction Donation page.

A Pledge is a large gift generally spread out across multiple payments and, depending on the size of the gift, over one or many years. For example, a donor may want to donate $1000 over a 2 year period with payments being made monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually. Gifts can always be made to a specific fund—such as a named scholarship, like the Esther Wilkins Scholarship, or gifts can be made more generally to be applied to areas of greatest need, or all research or scholarship funds generally. Pledges should be submitted using the Pledge Form available for download here.

Donations from Constituent/Components and donations from Individuals are now recorded and submitted using one form. This form also allows you to indicate if individuals purchased raffle tickets and how many. The new donation form was designed to streamline submitting your Individual and Constituent/Component donations. Please contact if you have any questions regarding the new format. The Donation Form is available here.