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History of the ADHA Institute for Oral Health

From 1957 to Present

Originally founded as the Educational Trust Fund (ETF) in 1957, the Institute for Oral Health was designed as a charitable organization entrusted with the mission to develop programs for the advancement of the art and science of dental hygiene. The ETF was renamed in 1978 the ADHA Foundation under a new tax status to provide activities and programs such as research. In 1985, the Board of ADHA realized that a new organization with a broader scope was necessary to carry out its charitable, educational, and scientific endeavors. The results were the establishment and incorporation of the ADHA Institute for Oral Health.

Incorporated in 1986 as a support organization of ADHA, the ADHA Institute has traditionally been committed to securing the future of the dental hygiene profession by supporting valuable research endeavors as well as the education of quality dental hygiene students. With the benefit of strong leadership, the ADHA Institute embarked on a bold initiative in 1991: a $150,000 campaign to establish a research endowment that would greatly expand its capabilities. The campaign was a success and the ADHA Institute has continued to mature and prosper.

Today, the leadership of the ADHA Institute is a five member Board of Directors. The Board is composed of ADHA Officers, dental hygienists who have demonstrated competence in business and academia. The Immediate Past President of ADHA also serves as Chair of the ADHA Institute for one year. Standing committees, established to address the business of the ADHA Institute, support the Chairperson. A Corporate Secretary and Executive Administrator, along with other dedicated staff, are responsible for day-to-day operations.