Institute for Oral Health

Wrigley Company Foundation Community Service Grants

ADHA’s Institute for Oral Health is accepting applications for Wrigley Company Foundation Grants until October 1, 2017.

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Applications Available: July
Deadline: October 1
Recipient Selection: December

Wrigley Company Foundation Community Service Grant Guidelines and Selection Criteria

Access Special Feature - The 2016 Wrigley Company Foundation Community Service Grants

The ADHA Institute for Oral Health / Wrigley Company Foundation are pleased to offer the members of the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) the opportunity to apply for community service grants leading up to National Dental Hygiene Month. The Wrigley Company Foundation Community Service grant will be awarded to applicants who are involved in a specific community health project that improves the public’s oral health and provide oral health education.

Recipients will receive the following:

  • $2,500-$5,000 per grantee

Program Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for this grant allows a practicing dental hygienist, group of hygienists, or an interdisciplinary team of professionals that includes a dental hygienist, to apply on behalf of programs with these considerations:

  • Demonstrate involvement in outstanding activities with a community health program or project, which includes oral health enhancement.
  • Illustrate that oral health education is one element of the project.
  • Show that these activities enhance the public view of the professional role dental hygienists play in health improvement.
  • Each project may be submitted only once during the course of a year, and if not funded, may not be resubmitted until the following grant competition.
  • More than one entry from an applicant will be allowed, but only if each application shows merit, and if they are not deemed duplicates.
  • Funded programs may not receive (2) two consecutive years of funding from the Wrigley Company Foundation Community Service Grant. If funded, the awarded program will not be eligible for funding until one grant year has passed.
  • Current ADHA Institute Board of Directors, ADHA Board of Trustees and members of the Community Service Grant Review Committee may not apply as principal investigators.

Congratulations to the 2017 Wrigley Company Foundation Grant Recipients

ADHA Members and Programs

  • Margaret Fisher RDHAP, BS - Promotion of Oral Health Access and Integration to Reduce Early Childhood Caries
  • Amelia Hazlewood BS, RDH - Dr. Angie's Dental Health Exchange
  • Kasey Penoyer AAS, BS, MS - Improving Oral Health Outcomes for Students with Disabilities
  • Eileen Clark RDH, MS - Interprofessional Approach to Treating Patients with Diabetes
  • Karen Felty RDH, BS, AP - Fluoride Varnish for 6 through 18 years
  • Crystal Spring RDH, BS, LAP - Healthy Smiles
  • Shannon Kleckner RDH/PHDHP - Growing Smiles of Erie County
  • Deborah Jacobi RDH, MA - Children's Outreach and Education Programming: Access to Care
  • Tricia Moore RDH, EdD - Project Zero: A School-based Prevention Program
  • Michelle Vacha RDH, BS - Integrating Medical & Dental for Chronic Disease Management
  • Shawn Oprisiu RDH, BS ECPI - Dental Hygiene Outreach Educational Program
  • Pearl Thorndal-Stewart RDH - Serenity Project
  • Carrie Graves RDH, PRDH - People's City Mission Dental Clinic
  • Staci Stout RDH, BSDH - Healthy Happy Smiles
  • Melissa Mende RDH, Associates in Applied Science - Medical and Dental Integration Program
  • Cynthia Bishop DH - Seacoast Healthy Grins
  • Lancette VanGuilder RDH,BS - Future Smiles-Northern Nevada
  • Kristen Gallaway EPDH - Neighborhood Health Center Oral Health Program
  • Heidi Halverson RDH, BSDH, LAP - Dental Hygiene at Home-Portable X-ray Unit
  • Nancy Mann RDH, MSEd - Lift the Lip/ Oral Exams for Nurses
  • Mary Kaye Scaramucci RDH, MS - Dental Hygiene for Cincinnati’s Urban Population
  • Caryn Tierney RDH, BS, MTL - Sealant Project
  • Tessa Simpson RDH - Virtual Dental Home in Public Schools
  • Heather Blair RDH, BSDH, MPH - Vermont Technical College/University of Vermont Medical Center Children's Hospital Dental Hygiene Collaboration
  • Linh My Tran Dental Hygienist (Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene) - Oral Health Integration
  • Sandra Plasner RDH, CDA, BA - Space Coast Volunteers in Medicine