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The ADHA Institute for Oral Health Research Grants

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 IOH Research Grant Recipients:

Leciel K. Bono, RDH-ER, Idaho, Utilizing CliftonStrengths to Increase Professional Development in Dental Hygiene Students

Jessica Suedbeck, RDH, MSDH, Virginia, Effects of Instrument Handle Design on Forearm Muscle Activity and Pinch Force Generation During Scaling by Dental Hygienists


The Research Grant Program supports advancements in the dental hygiene field through the discovery and application of knowledge which includes original research, developmental prospects and qualitative and quantitative research.

All projects requesting funding will be considered, contingent upon available funds.
The ADHA Institute for Oral Health does not accept unsolicited proposals.

Research Grant Guidelines and Sample Application

The ADHA Institute for Oral Health is accepting applications for Research Grants through March 31, 2021.

Apply Here

Recipient Selection: After July, 2021

NIH Biosketch Form D Information

Looking for an opportunity for funding for research projects specializing in dental hygiene?

Our Research Grant Program gives preference to proposals that address the following:

  • Develops or expands upon the dental hygiene body of knowledge
  • Promotes the public’s oral health by improving dental hygiene education and practice, or
  • Supports the delivery of quality oral healthcare.

Eligibility Requirements

Individuals who meet the following requirements are encouraged to apply:

  • The principal investigator (PI) must be a licensed dental hygienists or a student pursuing a dental hygiene degree
  • The PI must be a current member of ADHA or SADHA
  • Projects which are in progress may be considered for funding as long as they meet the criteria for approval
  • Current members of the ADHA Institute Board of Directors, ADHA Board of Trustees and Research Grant Review Committee may not apply as principal investigators, but may do so in another capacity (i.e. secondary investigator, mentor, etc.)
  • Priority will be given to proposals addressing the ADHA National Research Agenda

For Previous IOH Research Grant Recipients

IOH General Research Grant Progress Report – Due January 15
IOH General Research Grant Final Report – Due Within 3 Months after Completion of Project