Institute for Oral Health

Leadership and Volunteers

Message from the Chair

Jill Rethman, RDH, BA - Chair, ADHA Institute for Oral Health

“We rise by lifting others.”

It is my honor and pleasure to chair the ADHA’s Institute for Oral Health (IOH) this year! The IOH is the only Foundation by dental hygienists, for dental hygienists and provides us the opportunity to help our own. Specifically, the IOH works to:

* Empower dental hygienists to improve the public’s health through Community Service Grants;
* Support advancements in the profession with the discovery and application of knowledge through Research Grants, and
* Develop access to educational programs through scholarships.

These efforts by the IOH on behalf of our profession are possible because you are involved. By donating, volunteering and applying for grants and scholarships, we can ensure that the future of our profession is sound. We can touch the lives of many and make a difference. We can have a lasting impact that reaches far beyond this year or the next.

Message from the 2016 Liaison of the Year

Michaele Green, RDH - Utah 2016 Liz Chaney Liaison of the Year

It is a pleasure being an IOH liaison!

ADHA’s Institute for Oral Health works with the constituents to help advance the profession of dental hygiene through scholarships, community service and research grants.

We have a great nationwide community of hard working hygienists!