Institute for Oral Health

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene Grant Application



Applications Available: November 1, 2015
Deadline: February 28, 2016
Recipient Selection: July 1, 2016

ADHA's Foundation: the Institute for Oral Health is not accepting applications at this time.

Looking for a funding opportunity for research projects with a focus on clinical dental hygiene?

Priority for the Dimensions of Dental Hygiene Research Grant will be given to proposals addressing the following topics related to clinical research with a focus on:

  • Prevention of periodontal diseases or associated conditions.
  • Prevention of caries or associated conditions.
  • Prevention of oral cancer or associated conditions.

Eligibility Requirements

Individuals who meet the following requirements are encouraged to apply:

  • The Principal Investigator (PI) be a licensed dental hygienist or a post-graduate student and a current member of ADHA.
  • The PI must be a current member of ADHA or SADHA
  • Projects which are in progress may be considered for funding as long as they meet the criteria for approval
  • Current members of the ADHA Institute Board of Directors, (ADHA Board of Trustees and Research Grant Review Committee may not apply as principal investigators, but may do so in another capacity (i.e. secondary investigator, mentor, etc.)

Research Grant Application Available: November 1, 2015
Research Grant Deadline: February 28, 2016
Recipient Selection: July 1, 2016