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Opportunities will be posted throughout the year. Please note in order to sign up for an opportunity, you must be a current member of ADHA (unless otherwise noted).


  • Call for Site Visitor Volunteer Nominations

      Bio Data Form (Required)
      Site Visitor Nomination Form (Required)
    • Deadline for submitting applications is Monday, November 4, 2019
    • The Commission on Dental Accreditation considers nominations for site visitors on an annual basis at its Winter meeting. Site Visitors are appointed for one-year terms, which are renewable for six years. If appointed, the site visitor’s term will begin in October of the appointment year. The site visitor will be expected to complete the Commission’s online training program and attend a two-day training workshop in Chicago in June prior to their term start date. The site visitor will also be expected to be accessible and able to communicate by fax, electronic mail and the Commission's web-based communication tools. Review the full site visitor nomination criteria (PDF) for additional information. Call for Review Committee Nominations. ADHA is requesting nominations for the role “Site Visitor” in the following disciplines:
    • Allied Dental Education
    • * Dental Hygiene
      * Dental Therapy
    • Structure

      * The Commission considers a balance in geographic distribution, representation of the various types of educational settings, and diversity.
      * The Commission uses site visitors with education and practice expertise in the discipline or areas being evaluated to conduct its accreditation program. Nominations for site visitors are requested from national dental and dental related organizations representing the areas affected by the accreditation process.
      * The Commission is responsible for training accreditation consultants. Consulting assignments are made by the Commission. All site visit related expenses are assumed by the Commission

    • Criteria:
    • CODA requirements for dental hygiene site visitors:
    • * A full-time or part-time appointment with an accredited dental hygiene program;
      * a baccalaureate or higher degree;
      * background in educational methodology;
      * accreditation experience through an affiliation with a dental hygiene education program that has completed a site visit; and
      * accreditation experience within the previous three (3) years.

    • ADHA Requirements for dental hygiene site visitors:
    • * Current ADHA member
      * Minimum of a master’s degree
      * Minimum of 5 consecutive years of full-time experience in dental hygiene education.
      * Demonstrate current involvement in curriculum design, development, and evaluation and/or have responsibility for a dental hygiene program
      * Current license to practice dental hygiene and/or dentistry
      * Demonstrate effective communication skills, i.e. interviewing, listening, interpreting, writing, facilitating and negotiating
      * Demonstrate an understanding of the mission of institutions of higher learning
      * Demonstrate an understanding of the mission of dental hygiene education

    • CODA requirements for dental therapy site visitors:
    • * A full-time or part-time appointment with an accredited predoctoral dental or allied dental education program or an accredited (or recognized) dental therapy program; * a baccalaureate or higher degree; * background in educational methodology; * accreditation experience through an affiliation with a dental therapy, allied, or predoctoral dental program that has completed a site visit*; and * accreditation experience within the previous three (3) years*. *temporarily waived for dental therapist educator position until after CODA accredits dental therapy education programs Adopted: 02/16

    • Nomination Process

      * Site visitors for dental hygiene education programs are nominated by the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA). The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) is an additional source of nominations that augments, not supersedes any nomination from ADHA. Individuals may also submit self-nominations to the Commission.
      * Applications also need to be submitted directly to CODA. Please download the Site Visitor Nomination Form (PDF). Once completed, submit your form to the appropriate CODA staff manager via email. Site Visitor Nomination Forms are due to CODA staff by December 3, 2018 for consideration at the Commission’s Winter 2019 meeting.

    • Open Call for Nominations for the JCNDE Committee on Dental Hygiene

        Click Here to Apply
      • Vacant positions
      • * Student Member
      • JCNDE Mission Statement

        "The JCNDE develops and conducts highly reliable, state of the art cognitive examinations that assist regulatory agencies in making valid decisions regarding licensure of oral health care professionals, develops and implements policy for the orderly, secure, and fair administration of its examinations, and is a leader and resource in assessment for the oral health care profession."

        ADHA Committee on National Boards – Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations (JCNDE)

      • * Members are appointed by the ADHA president and approved by the ADHA Board of Trustees.
        * These committee members also serve as members of the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations (JCNDE) Committee on Dental Hygiene.
        * The names of committee members are transmitted to JCNDE Committee on Dental Hygiene following their appointment by the ADHA BOT.
        * The ADHA Committee meets immediately prior to the JCNDE Committee on Dental Hygiene. All travel and lodging expenses are assumed by the JCNDE.

      • Selection Process:

        * The ADHA Committee on National Boards is a committee of five, including the ADHA Commissioner to the JCNDE, one student member and three dental hygienists.

      • Criteria:

        • Dental Hygiene Student Member
            o Holds current ADHA membership.
            o Is currently enrolled as either a full-time post-entry level student, or part-time post-entry level student who is currently practicing or teaching dental hygiene.
            o Has successfully completed the National Board Examination within the last five years.
            o Serve a one-year term and accept a second one-year term when possible.

      • Call for written testimony for proposed amendments in Dental Hygiene Education Standard 2-12 and Definition

        • Comments Due: All Proposed Standards Revisions

          Written comments to CODA on the proposed standards revisions noted below will be accpeted until June 1, 2019. Please submit comments to: Sherin Tooks, Ed.D, M.S., Director, Commission on Dental Accreditation, 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611 or

        • Click here to see the proposed standards for Dental Hygiene
        • CAC Committee Representatives for Districts II, IV, VI, VIII, X, XII

            Click Here to Apply
          • Start Date: June 30, 2019
          • Description:

            The constituent advisory committee (CAC) is a standing committee of the ADHA Board of Trustees which will help ensure successful implementation of the charter agreements and serve in a support and advisory capacity to both state leaders and the ADHA Board of Trustees. There are six volunteer positions available for Districts II, IV, VI, VIII, X, XII. Please note there is requisite criteria and skill sets needed for this position. To read more about the CAC and their charge click here.

          • Term:

            2 years beginning June 30, 2019

          • Time commitment:

            At least one call per quarter

          • Dental Hygiene Liaison

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            • Start Date: Immediately
            • Description:

              ADHA is looking for a Dental Hygiene Liaison (DHL) in select states. The DHL is recognized as an early childhood oral health leader and advocate in their state. The DHL role is voluntary and primary activities include:
              * serving a communication link between NCECHW and early childhood education programs on topics related to improving the oral health pregnant women and children;
              * collaborating with state organizations and ongoing networks, including the state oral health program, Head Start state collaboration office, and child care agencies; and
              * promoting and sharing evidence-informed oral health information, materials, and resources.

              The National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness (NCECHW), working in partnership with American Dental Hygienists’ Association, is currently seeking Dental Hygienist Liaisons (DHL) in Minnesota, Ohio, and Wyoming. The primary goal of the NCECHW DHL Project is to improve the oral health of pregnant women and children by providing a dental hygienist liaison (DHL) in each state to serve as a communication link between the NCECHW, state-level stakeholders, and early childhood education (ECE) programs (i.e.., Head Start, child care, and home visiting programs).

            • Qualifications:

              Experience working in public health, early childhood programs, and/or advocacy is preferred.

            • Technical Review Ad Hoc Group

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              • Start Date: Immediately
              • Description:
                ADHA is looking for volunteers to review content including advertising, photographs and clinical information for accuracy and appropriateness as needed.
              • Qualifications:

                Expertise in one or more areas of clinical dental hygiene practice including but not limited to:
                * Infection control/PPE/OSHA
                * Instruments and equipment
                * Oral pathology
                * Pharmacology
                * Resonance of content with a dental hygiene audience

                Ability to respond quickly

              • CE Review Ad Hoc Group

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                • Start Date: Immediately
                • Description:
                  This group is responsible for ensuring the quality of ADHA education content presented through webinars and at annual conference by reviewing proposals and abstracts.
                • Qualifications:

                  Expertise in one or more areas:
                  * Clinical practice
                  * Public health
                  * Education
                  * Research
                  * Coding
                  * Pharmacology

                  Familiarity with ADHA's Standards for Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice

                  Ability to respond quickly to assignments on a rolling basis (webinar content) and multiple abstract reviews between March and May of each year (call for proposals)

                • ADHA Squad

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                  • Start Date: Anytime
                  • Time Commitment: Ongoing
                  • Qualifications:

                    The ADHA Squad is our new ambassador program! The pilot was launched in May with UYP, New Professionals and leadership and opened to all members at Annual Conference. This special group of members helps make sure all dental hygienists know our story by sharing the latest ADHA news and information. After you join the ADHA Squad, we’ll email you 3-4 times per month with news to share with friends and followers across social media with just the click of a button.

                    By becoming a member of the ADHA Squad, you receive the latest news and updates on all things dental hygiene – resources, webinars, speakers, annual conference, continuing education and more! The best part is, the more you share and participate, the more points you earn increasing your chances to win cash, ADHA swag and other prizes! If you’re a State/Chapter Social Media Manager please contact and have your Squad points count towards earning a dinner night out with your leadership team and ADHA Communications Team at next year’s Annual Conference. Sound like the perfect fit for you?

                  • Coding Ad Hoc Group

                      Click Here to Apply
                    • Start Date: January 1, 2018
                    • Time Commitment: Ongoing
                    • Qualifications:

                      Dental hygienists with a broad range of experience and expertise, Continuing education speakers with expertise in dental coding, Practicing dental hygienists with a special interest in dental codes; Practice-Management dental hygienists, Dental hygiene clinician who is interested in coding