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The ADHA is proud to share its landmark white paper, “Transforming Dental Hygiene Education and the Profession for the 21st Century”, with dental hygienists, other health care professionals, and allied stakeholders committed to improving the public’s oral and overall health. This document showcases the evolution of the dental hygiene profession, the need to enhance and refocus the dental hygiene curriculum to help address the public’s changing health care needs — and the critical role dental hygienists have in providing care within an increasingly integrated health care system.

Issues related to the changes needed in dental hygiene education are explored throughout the white paper, and those issues highlight the importance of changing dental hygiene education and transforming the way graduates are prepared for the future. As the public’s oral health care needs become more diverse and complex — and as the scientific evidence supporting the role of oral health care services in achieving and maintaining oral and overall health continues to evolve — dental hygiene educators are being placed on the front line, tasked with preparing the next generation of dental hygienists to enter a health care environment that is radically different from just a few years ago.

The ideas presented in this paper will pave the way for further conversation on this critical topic, as well as drive recommendations that will contribute to the improvement of the public’s oral and overall health. We encourage you to click on the button below, which will redirect you to a registration page that will allow you to access the full electronic document.

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Hardcopies of the ADHA’s “Transforming Dental Hygiene Education and the Profession for the 21st Century” white paper are available. An order of 25 copies can be sent anywhere in the United States for $35 (shipping included). If you would like to place an order, or would like pricing on a smaller or larger quantity, please contact