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Attention Dental Hygiene Students! You’re invited to join ADHA and Pacific Dental Services® for an exclusive three-part webinar series aimed to help grow your career. This free series covers critical topics affecting the profession while also helping you navigate a career path post-graduation. Take advantage of hearing from leaders who want to support you.

Part 1: Maximize Your Value as a Dental Hygienist: Crucial Conversations, Effective Communication, and Career Search Strategies

Date: Tuesday, May 11, 7 PM CST

Speakers: Angela Martin, RDH and Summer Lamoureaux, RDH, with participation from regional recruiters Sam Hansen, Sarah Gerdes

Description: The student dental hygienist obtains an extensive and comprehensive education during dental hygiene school. However, there are a variety of hurdles to jump through while preparing to treat their first patient as a licensed dental hygienist. Once licensed, the new hygienist can encounter many common and uncommon situations in which they were unprepared for. If a patient receives a dental diagnosis of scaling and root planning then asks the dental hygienist if they can simply “get a regular cleaning,” the hygienist may be unaware of the appropriate and effective response. Once the graduate is seeking employment, many hiring managers and/or dentists may inquire about the value that the individual can bring to their practice. This course will cover the various details of how to instill value into oneself while treating patients in an ethical and effective manner, as well as how to highlight such value during the career search.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain how to maximize themselves as practicing dental hygienists and be leaders in their profession
  2. Demonstrate the ability to effectively manage crucial conversations with patients and team members
  3. Identify strategies to get patients interactively engaged with the treatment planning process for hygiene procedures
  4. Understand the intricacies of the search for employment for the graduating dental hygienist

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Part 2: The Periodontist-Dental Hygienist Relationship: Referral Pathways

Date: Thursday, June 10, 7 PM CST

Speakers: Dr. Emilio Arguello, Periodontist and Faculty Member, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Summer Lamoreaux, RDH, Angela Martin, RDH, Blair Hanosh, RDH and Ashley Quezada, RDH, with participation from regional recruiter Sarah Gerdes

Description: A highly effective dental team can often extend beyond the walls of a practice. We typically rely on various external individuals and teams to assist us with caring for our patients. One such relationship is crucial for the practicing registered dental hygienist: collaboration with the periodontist. Although not all patients demonstrate a need for an evaluation by a periodontist, it is the duty of the dentist and dental hygienist to uniformly and thoroughly assess the periodontal health of all patients. Alignment between the dental hygienist and periodontist is crucial for the proper care and treatment of the patient. This course has been developed by clinicians, including a world-renowned periodontist with extensive experience in guiding dental hygienists toward the multiple pathways leading to the successful referral of a periodontally involved patient.

Learning Objectives:

  1. List pathways for patient referrals to the periodontist
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of an effective and cohesive relationship between the dental hygienist and periodontist to attain patient understanding and acceptance of recommended treatment
  3. Identify educational tools and technologies available to enhance patient education, treatment acceptance, and quality of a periodontist referral
  4. 4. Understand methods to educate patients about periodontal treatment implications and the necessity to refer to a periodontist

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Part 3: Lasers & Innovative Technology for the Dental Hygienist

Date: Thursday, July 15, 7 PM CST

Speakers: Jennifer Tumlinson, RDH, Summer Lamoureaux, RDH, Angela Martin, RDH

Description: The dental hygienist has many choices of adjunctive services and technology available to better treat and serve their patients. A soft tissue laser is one piece of technology which can provide many benefits to the dental office and the patient. The soft tissue laser and related technology can assist with the treatment and prevention of inflammation and periodontal disease. This course will discuss the history behind the creation of lasers, laser safety, and treatment modalities, as well as best practices on how to incorporate laser dentistry into your practice of dental hygiene.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Summarize history, patient safety guidelines, and regulatory entities of laser dentistry
  2. Summarize laser technology and the role lasers play in treating periodontal disease as an adjunct to scaling and root planning and the impact this has on the oral-systemic link
  3. Outline and incorporate best practices to support patient specific needs

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