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ADHA Communities

Stay connected and join in the discussion.

As of February 28, ADHA is no longer offering listservs but instead offering online communities. ADHA is currently offering the following online communities:

District Community

This community is intended to connect members within a district. There is a forum set up for each district within this community. Members may follow and subscribe to as many district discussions as they like. All current ADHA members automatically have access to these communities.

House of Delegates

Current and past delegates, past presidents and executive directors all have access to this community. Here updates will be shared about the upcoming HOD, including links to important documents. Members can also post and response to messages.

Institute for Oral Health (IOH) Liaison Community

IOH Liaisons are champions for individual giving at the state level, along with their District Trustees and state leaders. Current IOH Liaisons and state Presidents who have not secured a Liaison have access to this community that is designed to share ideas, challenges, successes, and information, and to access fundraising resources.

How to join and receive messages?

To view and post messages within an online community, you must:

  • Log into ADHA’s members only site.
  • Access available communities via the “My Communities” tab in your member profile.
  • If you want to receive messages from a community you must click the “Subscribe” button.

To learn more, please review this online tutorial here.

If you have any questions about the new communities, please don’t hesitate to reach Justin Zerza at