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June 3, 2022

ADHA Board of Directors Meeting Highlights

ADHA Board of Directors Meeting attendees on virtual meeting screenshot.

Friday, June 3 your American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) Board of Directors gathered virtually for important end-of-year discussion as well as forward-looking plans and action.

Financial & Membership Check In

The ADHA Board reviewed and ratified the third quarter financial statements presented by Treasurer Secrist together with interim ADHA Chief Financial Officer Isaac Carpenter. The BOT reviewed the proposed 2022-23 budget and process with staff-including budget assumptions and approved the proposed budget. The Board discussed implications of the economy and lingering effects of the pandemic on current year efforts and results as well as strategies for maximizing new member acquisition and non-dues revenue opportunities moving forward.

Recommendation on Displaying Credentials

The Board approved guidelines for sequencing and displaying hygienist credentials. ADHA’s goal is to offer guidance on the use of abbreviated designations after a dental hygienist’s name to ensure that the public understands the significance and value of their credentials. The guidelines will be available on the ADHA website in June.

Institute for Oral Health (IOH) Update

Presented by IOH Chair Moravec together with IOH Development Coordinator Shanna Young, the 2022 IOH Wellness Challenge will launch in Louisville during the 2022 ADHA Annual Conference as an end-of-year push for donations. IOH fundraises throughout the year, but a strong push is needed to achieve the financial goals for the IOH to continue to offer the planned scholarship awards for 2023.

Annual Conference Update

The 2022 ADHA Annual Conference is just two weeks away! The exhibitor and registration counts continue to climb, even in these last weeks with many new exhibitors and first-time attendees on their way to Louisville. Finishing touches are being put on the events, sessions and gatherings to make it the can’t-miss conference of the year – See you there!

Upcoming Events

  • June 22-23: Live Dental Hygiene Leadership Summit - this event is designed just for current and future leaders of ADHA! Encourage your colleagues at the local and state levels to register and come soak up essential business training.
  • June 24-26: ADHA22 Conference in Louisville, KY promises to be the celebration and education event of the year. Be sure to register now