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About IP Ranges

An IP address is the numeric address of a computer connected to the Internet. The IP address is sometimes also known as the Internet address. On most networks, each computer has its own IP address. An IP address is not the same as a domain name or an email address. To see the IP address of the computer you are using right now, look at the bottom of the feedback page.

To subscribe to the Journal of Dental Hygiene, you will need to give us those IP addresses which both uniquely identify the eligible machines on your network and allow access only to authorized users of your subscription. All IP addresses contain 4 numeric segments, separated by periods. A segment is either a number, an asterisk (wildcard), or a range specified by a dash (-). See example below.

Please make sure you've correctly identified ALL needed IP addresses. Those using addresses not registered will not have access to the Journal of Dental Hygiene.

How to Fill Out the IP Address Section of the Subscription Form:

Place each IP address, or partial IP address, in the box provided, following these rules:

  • The only characters allowed are numbers, dashes (-), asterisks (*)
  • No segments of an IP address can be blank.
  • The allowed values for the first segment are 1-223.
  • The allowed values for segments 2, 3, 4 are 0-254.
  • The first segment cannot contain a range (-).
  • The first and second segments cannot contain a wildcard (*).
  • The third and fourth segments cannot both contain a range (-).

EXAMPLE using both the wildcard character (*) and the range character (-):

"Educational University" is a big, complex University. For this institution to sign up for the Journal of Dental Hygiene, 3 different IP addresses are required. The main IP address and two department subnets which are not part of the "main IP address" but are on the same campus:

Main - All addresses beginning with 10.175.4
Physics - All addresses between 192.168.55.* and 192.168.60.*
Marine Biology - All addresses between and

This is how they would fill in their form:


(Note that these IP addresses are examples only, and will not work.)