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Public Health: FQHC

Sandra Holifield, RDH, works at COMTREA , a facility in Missouri that offers a wide array of health care solutions. COMTREA began as a behavioral health center, dealing with mental disabilities and other mental health issues.

Over time the program expanded, and recently COMTREA was designated with FQHC status. The dental health portion was recently enacted in September 2013, and offered Holifield a way to reach out to those in need.

My ultimate goal is to focus on pregnant women within the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) system and Medicaid, to make sure that they have all their treatment done, Holifield said.

In addition to performing prophies and radiographs, Holifield also helps with Medicaid benefits, ensuring that all patients are covered. She also works with local oral health coalitions, sitting in on meetings to help brainstorm new ways to expand their presence into the community, so those who truly need their help know how to get it.

To learn more about Holifield's career, including her outreach efforts in local schools, read the full story.

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