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Ready to take the lead? ADHA is fortunate to have had many strong leaders who brought commitment and determination to their roles. When asked, many believe they took away more than they gave, particularly in the realm of leadership skills developed during their tenures as ADHA leaders.

Think you're ready to lead? Volunteer today.

Position Descriptions


The president is the chief spokesperson for the association and is charged with promoting the mission and goals of ADHA both internally and externally.


The president-elect year is spent observing and assisting the president, establishing the administrative calendar for the the next presidential year and leading the development of the strategic plan, which will drive association activity during that presidential year.


The vice-president chairs the Committee on ADHA Procedures, playing an important role in the development of the strategic plan, which will drive association activity in future years.


The treasurer participates in discussions and decisions that have an impact on ADHA’s financial stability; , gives input on all decisions regarding investments and provides input on the budget format.

Speaker of the House

The speaker of the house must have a working knowledge of parliamentary procedure.

Ethics Committee Member

The individuals elected to this office are expected to uphold the high ethical standards set forth in the ADHA Code of Ethics.

District Trustee

District trustees are elected by the delegates within their district. They serve as the link between the national organization and the constituent (state) organizations.

Delegate/Alternate to the ADHA House of Delegates

Delegates and alternates are elected by members in their respective constituents to participate in the annual House of Delegates meeting and vote on policy issues affecting the profession.

Council Member

While councils meet for one weekend each fall, their business, as mapped by the strategic plan, is ongoing throughout the program year and is conducted via email and conference calls.


Office elections take place at our annual business meeting each year. Learn more.

How to Apply

Any active members interested in serving on an ADHA council, committee, task force or in some other volunteer capacity, should express their interest by completing a bio-data form. Before appointments are official, volunteers must complete the attached consent form, conflict of interest and disclosure form and sign the rules of conduct

Bio-Data Form

Bio-datas (application for appointment to national position) for appointive office are accepted throughout the year, with the president-elect confirming most appointments in the spring.

Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Form

In order to facilitate implementation of the Conflict of Interest Policy, the Board of Trustees, or their designee(s), shall determine when an individual engaged in, or about to engage in, an ADHA -related activity or other matter under consideration has an actual, potential, or apparent conflict of interest requiring some response by ADHA. Specifically, subject to the procedures set forth herein, the Board may require any action it deems appropriate, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • (1) Disclosure of the interests to the other participants in the decision- or policy- making body (e.g., committee, editorial board, affiliated society).
  • (2) Written and, in some cases, oral disclosure of the interest (e.g., to an audience receiving the results of clinical research or at scientific or educational sessions).
  • (3) Recusal from voting on a matter and limitation of the individual's participation only to the provision of factual information of benefit to the group discussion.
  • (4) Complete recusal from a portion of a meeting or from other consideration of the subject matter.
  • (5) Replacement of the individual in the subject position or activity.

All participants in ADHA-related activities must comply with the ADHA Conflict of Interest Policy. Committee chairs, editors, etc., may be specifically designated by the Board to interpret and apply the policy. In as much as the policy is stated in general terms, however, the appropriate ADHA leaders are expected to use their best judgement to interpret and apply the policy to the particular circumstances presented before them.

Rules of Conduct

Any member of a council/committee of the American Dental Hygienists' Association, you must agree to support and be bound by the Rules of Conduct to assure effective and ethical decision-making and governance.

Consent Form

For each council/committee member, a consent form should be completed and returned to Executive Office, located at American Dental Hygienists’ Association, 444 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3400, Chicago, IL 60611.

Candidates' Corner

Interested candidates may also submit a biographical and platform statement for publication in Candidates' Corner by 5:00pm CST on March 28, 2014.

  • 1) A biographical statement not to exceed 200 words
  • 2) A platform statement not to exceed 400 words
  • 3) A photograph.

Submissions should be directed to Sheri Moore, RDH, BSHS. Any statements or photos received after due date will not be included in Candidates’ Corner.


Contact the Executive Office with any questions or information requests at 312-440-8900.

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International Federation of Dental Hygienists offers a free personality assessment that will build self-awareness and assist you in choosing the volunteer position to which you are best suited.