Open Call

Call for Nominations

Dental Hygiene Review Committee Members

Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA)

The American Dental Hygienists’ Association is seeking to identify qualified individuals to fill upcoming vacancies for one dental hygiene educator and one dental hygiene practitioner on the Dental Hygiene Education Review Committee of the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).

Overview of Responsibilities:
Review Committee members are appointed for one four-year term beginning and ending in October. All Review Committee meetings are conducted approximately three weeks prior to the Commission meetings and the meeting duration can be up to two days in length. The newly appointed representatives will attend his/her first Review Committee meeting in January 2015. Review Committee members are responsible for the review of all policy matters, site visit reports, progress reports, applications for accreditation and special reports on accredited programs. Each Review Committee’s comments and recommendations on policy matters and accreditation status are included in a report, which is submitted to the Commission for final action.

As a member of a Review Committee, she/he will be required to make a significant time commitment. Review Committee members serve as consultants to the Commission and are required to complete the Web-based Site Visitor Training prior to serving on the committee. The self-paced instructional manual on the Commission’s policies, procedures and Standards takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to complete. Review Committee members will also be required to become familiar with the CODA Training Manual and participate in a full day of training at ADA headquarters in December 2014. Duties may include participation in site visits and ad hoc committees, in addition to review committee responsibilities. Additionally, in order to facilitate committee activities, committee members are expected to be accessible and able to communicate by fax, electronic mail and the Commission’s web-based communication tools.

CODA Review Committee Nominations Criteria
All Nominees:

  1. Ability to commit to one 4-year term
  2. Willingness to commit 5-10 days per year to Review Committee activities, including training, comprehensive review of print and electronically delivered materials and travel to CODA headquarters
  3. Ability to evaluate an educational program objectively in terms of such broad areas as curriculum, faculty, facilities, student evaluation and outcomes assessment
  4. Stated willingness to complete review committee member training
  5. Adequate time for comprehensive review of program materials and for travel during the winter and summer meetings
  6. Stated willingness to abide by the Association’s and Commission’s policies related to confidentiality; conflict of interest; operational guidelines; simultaneous service; and professional conduct and prohibition against harassment
  7. Ability to conduct business through electronic means (email, CODA Web Sites)
  8. Active member of the American Dental Association, where applicable

Educator Nominees:

  1. Commitment to dental, advanced dental and/or allied dental education
  2. Active involvement in a dental or dental-related accredited program as a full- or part-time faculty member
  3. Subject matter experts must have formal education and be credentialed in the applicable discipline
  4. Prior or current experience as a Commission consultant/site visitor

Practitioner Nominees:

  1. Commitment to quality dental, advanced dental and/or allied dental education
  2. Prior or current experience as a practitioner
  3. Must have formal education and appropriate credential in the applicable discipline

Individuals who meet the minimum qualifications stated above must submit a CODA Review Committee Nomination Form (available for download) electronically to ADHA: no later than Wednesday, April 9, 2014.