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RFP Grant Program

The ADHA Institute for Oral Health Request for Proposals (RFP) Grant Programs was established as a method of funding large scale research projects with a direct link to the ADHA National Research Agenda. Priorities will be established for each RFP grant announcement. Generally, priority will be given to proposals that best address the ADHA National Dental Hygiene Research Agenda and the topic identified by the ADHA Institute Board of Directors.

Proposals submitted through the RFP Grant Program are eligible for funding totaling up to $50,000 per grant award.

Eligibility Criteria:

Investigators applying for research funding from through the RFP Grant Program shall meet the following criteria:

  • An ADHA Institute RFP Grant application must be completed and a proposal submitted according to the guidelines specified therein
  • Dental hygienists project team members should be current members of ADHA or student members of ADHA
  • Studies in progress that are similar to this RFP may be considered for funding as long as they meet the criteria for approval
  • Current members of the ADHA Institute Board of Directors, members of the ADHA Board of Trustees, ADHA employees, and ADHA consultants may not apply to the RFP Program. In addition, members of the Research Grant Review Committee and ADHA Council on Research may not apply as principal investigators, but may do so in another capacity (i.e. secondary investigator, mentor, etc.). However, they may not be involved in the review process for that proposal.
  • A Principal or Secondary Investigator who has not met the deadline for submitting interim or final reports from a previous grant is ineligible for future funding.