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ADHA Institute for Oral Health Liaison Job Description

Who are Liaisons?

Liaisons are Grassroots fundraisers, ADHA leaders, and change-makers. The fundraising the do on behalf of the Institute for Oral Health directly contributes to scholarships, fellowships, community service grants and research grants to dental hygienists and students of dental hygiene throughout the United States. Liaisons also hold a critical job as communicators—they are charged with the important duty of communicating Institute for Oral Health opportunities such as open scholarships and grants. Lastly, Liaisons are advocates for their communities. Liaisons work closely within the state and local chapters but communicate the needs of those communities to the National ADHA Institute for Oral Health offices to better serve the dental hygiene community.


1. Direct the promotion of the ADHA Institute at Constituent and Component meetings.

2. Solicit donations for the ADHA Institute from individual members and Constituent and Component organizations.

3. Thank donors from your Constituency for contributing to the ADHA Institute via phone calls and thank you notes.

4. Promote Gala at Annual Session.

5. Communicate changes in local Institute leadership (Liaison position, volunteers) with national office.