Institute for Oral Health

Santa Fe Group

A Symposium by the ADHA, Santa Fe Group and ADHA Institute for Oral Health

Transforming Dental Hygiene Education: Proud Past, Unlimited Future took place September 18-21, 2013 in Chicago, Ill., cosponsored by ADHA, the ADHA Institute for Oral Health and the Santa Fe Group. The Santa Fe Group is a group of internationally renowned scholars and leaders from business and the professions bound by a common interest to improve oral health.

The symposium was attended by over 100 participants, including dental hygiene program directors and faculty members, registered dental hygienists, advocacy organizations, public and private purchasers, policy makers, chief dental officers, dental insurance providers, health educators, professional associations and private industry members.

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The U.S Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) has contracted with ADHA to produce proceedings of the symposium.

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