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Fundraising Resources

The fundraising resources on this page are designed to help you succeed in your position as an IOH Liaison. As a Liaison, you serve a vital role in the Institute for Oral Health’s success. Below is a list of IOH Liaison responsibilities and resources that will help you accomplish those duties. Liaison Duties:
  1. Direct the promotion of the ADHA Institute at Constituent and Component meetings.
    • A hand out to print and display at your IOH Table at Constituent and Component Meetings
    • If you have computer capability at your local meetings, play this slideshow to spread the word about “In Motion: 5K Run, Walk, Fun”!
  2. Solicit donations for the ADHA Institute from individual members and Constituent and Component organizations.
  3. Thank donors from your Constituency for contributing to the ADHA Institute via phone calls and thank you notes.
    • Some ideas on how to format handwritten Thank Yous and what information to include:
    • Enhance your Thank You notes with information about IOH’s Programs:
  4. Promote the Institute for Oral Health Benefit & President’s Reception at Annual Session.
    • All the information you need about Auction Donations and the IOH Benefit will be updated in January each year. You can find it here:
  5. Communicate changes in local Institute leadership (Liaison position, volunteers) with national office.

Contact IOH Staff:

Join the IOH Liaison Listserv:

IOH Liaisons Listserv

Sign up for ADHA’s IOH Liaisons listserv. To send a message to this group, address an email to