CE Course 5 - Abstract

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Credit: Continuing Education Hours: 2
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A critical component of the dental hygiene process of care is assessment of the oral and general health conditions of clients. Some clients present with burning and painful sensations in the oral cavity in the absence of any noticeable disease. This condition has been referred to as burning mouth syndrome (BMS), an often complicated condition.

Various local, systemic, and psychological factors have been linked with BMS, but its etiology is not fully understood. Yet as many as one million people are affected by it in the United States, and it is an increasingly common problem in the aging population. Middle-aged women, mostly postmenopausal, are diagnosed with symptoms seven times more frequently than men. Careful diagnosis and treatment are necessary to alleviate the symptoms of this condition. Referral to a physician is warranted in some cases.

The purposes of this course are to review the etiologic factors and clinical implications related to this condition and to discuss appropriate dental hygiene interventions. Collaboration among the client, dental hygienist, dentist, and physician provides for interdisciplinary actions that can lead to palliation of symptoms and evaluation of the possible underlying factors contributing to the condition.