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Road to the 94th Annual Conference

Kristine Hodsdon

Learning how to supercharge your career takes center stage at ADHA’s 94th Annual Conference with internationally-recognized speaker, writer and academically trained executive coach, Kristine Hodsdon, RDH, MSEC. In five sessions at this year's conference, Kristine will offer coaching and hands-on strategies to help you boost your career and “Garner the Respect You Deserve.” As a dental hygienist, Kristine knows first-hand the challenges and options you face in taking your career to new heights.

This week, we met up with Kristine and discussed the oral health care profession and her passions.

Q: Can you give us a sneak peek of what you will be covering in your sessions?
A: I’m so excited to attend ADHA's conference and help hygienists learn how to earn significant money, make a big difference in the world and secure true freedom by boosting their leadership skills. With these skills, you can thrive regardless of what’s happening around you and despite economic and political circumstances. Moreover, now more than ever, the oral health care profession needs you to fully express your gifts. The proven strategies in my workshops can be life changing and, when implemented, will increase your success.

Q: You have an impressive amount of experience in the oral health care profession. Can you tell us a little more about your involvement in the field or any contributions you have made?
A: I started my dental career because of my sister. At the time, she was a dental hygienist and I thought that seemed “pretty cool.” After about five years of practicing myself, I started realizing that my favorite part of my day was when I was coaching patients around their oral health behaviors. So, I enrolled in my first wellness coaching program. Without realizing it, I had discovered my destiny and passion path. I thank and appreciate my sister for deciding to go into dental hygiene, for if it were not for her… I would not be in this space.

Q: Why do you think is it important for dental hygienists to attend ADHA’s Annual Conference?
A: I believe it is important for registered dental hygienists to attend ADHA’s Annual Conference because we must do this together. It is about the power of relationships. When we are ALL in the same room or convention, you not only become more aware of who you are, you begin to realize that you are already part of an extraordinary collective of professionals on fire, unleashing and living their highest possibilities. There’s a magic that can happen in our relationships with each other that doesn't necessarily happen virtually. When we learn how to connect and relate to each other, there’s an exponential energetic field that opens that is very expansive, and it is like we are suddenly in the fast lane. Things accelerate.

Don’t miss Kristine’s sessions: Garner the Respect You Deserve, Individual Career Planning (including negotiation, sales and portfolio development) and Clarify Your Career. All attendees that register for Kristine’s sessions before April 10 will be entered to win a private coaching session with Kristine.

For a complete agenda or to register, click here. We hope to see you there!

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