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Hannah Maxey

With many changes happening in the healthcare system, we turn to Hannah Maxey, PhD, MPH, RDH, assistant professor and director of Health Workforce Studies at Indiana University School of Medicine to help us unravel these changes and dive into her seminar, “Positioning Dental Hygienists for Health System Transformation" featured this year at our 94th Annual Conference.

Q: You are the principal author for numerous research projects. What topics do these projects cover and why are they important to practicing dental hygienists?
A: Right now, I am studying the influence that dental hygiene practice acts have on access to and cost of preventive dental care. This study expands upon my previous work examining the impact practice acts have on dental care access at health centers. I have also recently completed two articles with dental hygiene colleagues examining the future of oral health care delivery and the implications for dental hygiene education and practice. Specifically, my coauthors and I are examining the emerging roles of non-dental professionals in oral healthcare and how this will influence dental hygiene in the future. Finally, I am working on a project examining integration of oral health with primary care. You could say I’m pretty busy!

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about what you will be presenting at the Annual Conference and how it applies to the field?
A: Jackie Fried and I will discuss transformations in the health system and the implications for dental hygiene education and practice. We are in an era of change and uncertainty. The only certainty is that the health system, including oral health care delivery, is and will be undergoing constant changes in the foreseeable future. The goal of our presentation is to inform dental hygienists and engage them in the discussion so that they can be prepared.

Q: What are your thoughts on the oral health profession and what advice would you give to dental hygienists?
A: Oral health care is changing! Dental hygienists have an opportunity to play a big part in this change, but we must get engaged in activities outside our operatory. As a profession, we need to seek out advocacy opportunities for our profession as well as population health advancement. That’s a key reason why I really appreciate and look to ADHA’s advocacy efforts for the latest on developments at the local, state and federal levels. They help make sure legislators and decision makers are aware of the positions of dental hygienists on practice issues ranging from direct access to scope of practice and reimbursements.

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