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Press & Scout Badges

Press Badge

ADHA’s 95th Annual Conference is closed to the public. Those requesting media registration must be currently employed by an approved publication or news organization. Press badges are provided to editors, writers, publishers and editorial employees of official publications. All final press credentialing decisions are at discretion of ADHA staff. Registered media personnel must wear their media badges at all times throughout the conference.

ADHA requires a company business card, which must show your name, title, company name and one additional document from the below list:

  • Police-issued Press Card
  • Current masthead, article or similar editorial page listing your name/title
  • Letter on company stationery identifying you and your editorial position at a specific outlet
  • Freelance writers, reporters or photographers must show a verifiable letter or assignment from a legitimate media outlet

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Scout Badge

Please provide the following:

  • Company
  • Reason requesting a scout pass
  • Specific course or speaker you’re interested in

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