The ADHA Board of Trustees (BOT) Takes Action on the 2013 Mega Issue Question

ADHA Board Bulletin: The ADHA Board of Trustees (BOT) takes action on the 2013 mega issue question: “what would our membership structure need to look like to be in alignment with our vision of empowering members and transforming the profession?”

ADHA uses the mega issue process to discuss overriding issues of strategic importance. Mega issues address key strategic questions the organization or profession must answer, illuminating choices the organization must make and the challenges that will need to be overcome to achieve the vision of the Strategic Plan.

ADHA’s Strategic Plan

Core Ideology: lead the transformation of the dental hygiene profession to improve the publics’ oral and overall health.
Vision Statement: dental hygienists are integrated into the health care delivery system as essential primary care providers to expand access to oral health care.
Values: Service, Collaboration, Quality, Community, Lifelong Learning, Ethics

This mega issue topic first surfaced in 2009 with the Andrew Lang Report (login to your account to view document). In prioritizing the various recommendations from that report, the BOT determined that the House of Delegates (HOD) would discuss the question “what would our membership need to look like to be in alignment with our vision of empowering members and transforming the profession?” in June 2013. This past summer the HOD reviewed detailed background information and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of eight structural choices. Following the meeting, a Mega Issue Outcomes (please login to your account to view) report was prepared for the BOT. At their March 2014 meeting the BOT used the results from the HOD discussion, along with a multitude of resources available, to discuss and deliberate the choices and to make a decision.

Throughout this process, the voice of the membership was heard through the elected delegates, trustees and leaders of ADHA.

Action Taken
After much consideration, the ADHA BOT voted unanimously to keep the current ADHA tripartite membership structure intact, with significant improvements to revitalize our current operational processes at the component and constituent level. These improvements, focused on fiduciary responsibility, will align with our new vision and strategic plan and modernize our structure as we move into the future. The BOT is confident their decision will make the ADHA tripartite structure a model of best practices in associations.

Next Steps
The BOT provided guiding principles and overall considerations to assist staff and council members in developing new criteria for how our tripartite structure will operate moving forward. Specific recommendations and timelines will be considered by the BOT at the 2014 fall meeting and then will be shared widely with the membership.

General questions may be directed to the following staff:
Katie Powell, Director of Member Services,, (312)440-8947
Jennifer Hill, Senior Manager, CN/CM Relations,, (312)440-7386